The Future

The sustainability of our environment is a responsibility we all share.

It is a responsibility we have to our families, those we work with, to our suppliers and our customers as well as to the wider community.

This responsibility is something that we believe cannot be ignored or underestimated.

Every business has made mistakes in the past, mainly because nobody knew any better, we now know more, which means we can now do more to ensure environmental sustainability.

Our Goal

As part of the Vue Media Group, Creative Design & Display is committed to being Carbon Net Zero within Scopes 1 and 2 throughout our business by 2026.

It is our opinion that all business should have policies, but if there’s no action taken to back them up, what use are policies?

Like many organisations, Creative Design & Display have long had an environmental awareness, and now we have a much stronger focus on environmental sustainability.

Having ethical ideals regarding protection of our environment is nothing new to the Vue Media Group, finding ways to minimise our environmental impact has been important to us since our foundation. Today, we have more than just a strong focus, we are actively developing strategies that incorporate targets too. It has become a part of our company culture and having everyone on the team understanding why, what and how, means that we will ultimately be able to achieve our sustainability goals and objectives.

The use of recyclable materials, fixings, consumables and processes is part of the picture, actively recycling in our production facilities, offices and warehouse is also something we have a focus on. Recycling signage that has been replaced is part of thew service we deliver so that, wherever possible, nothing is just thrown away

Where we have a choice of product, a choice of material and a choice of process, the sustainability of each is questioned and we inevitably choose the best options for our clients and customers.  Where a recyclable option just isn’t available, we choose the one with greatest longevity. There’s always a choice to make.

At this point we make no claims of perfection, what we do state is that we are doing all we can to move us closer to our goal of carbon net zero.

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